About me


Hi there, I am Wenting Wang 王文婷, PhD student working at MPI for Biological Cybernetics(Computational Neuroscience) and Tuebingen Hospital(Kaufmann Lab), meanwhile studying at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience at the University Tuebingen.

My research focuses on understanding mechanisms of brain functions and dysfunctions - from Computational Psychiatry and Decision Making perspectives. I use bayesian and reinforcement learning methods to model the neural information processing, with large-scale behavioural, neuroimaging(MRI, task-based fMRI) and phenotype data. I am passionate about broad topics in cognitive and neuroscience, improvisational music(flute, guitar) and world culture.

A bit more about me: Curriculum Vitae


Now | PhD student, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and Tuebingen Hospital General Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Germany

2020 - 2021 | Data Analyst, R&D Hub, Sanofi, China

2020 | Research Intern, Continental AI Lab, Germany


Now | PhD student, Neuroscience(Neural Information Processing), University Tuebingen, Germany

2019 | M.Sc. Data Science, University Konstanz, Germany

2016 | B.Sc. Statistics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any message, comment and question. : )

Email: wenting.wang.cd@outlook.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wentingw2

WeChat: brainnnnnnnnnn